What Is Innovative Educational Technology?

Technological innovations in education can completely transform what students experience in the classroom and make current best practices easier for educators to carry out. But with so many options in the market, how can school districts choose the technology that will simplify and improve operations instead of just making them more complicated? XR Technology is here to help you decide which qualities of educational technology (EdTech) to look for and the innovative classroom technology that can address multiple pain points of the school with one solution.

Why Is Innovation Important in Education?

Whether the technology you seek is advanced or more modest, the impact of innovation in education cannot be understated. Students of each generation have different needs than before, and the resources available to students must coincide with what they have available in other facets of their lives.

For instance, consider learning math in school. Did your teacher ever tell you that you wouldn’t always have a calculator in your pocket? Technology has advanced to the point where we do. That means some of the memorization requirements and manual calculations that have historically been part of math education may no longer be as necessary. When math teachers still choose to include those elements in their teaching, it must be for a defensible purpose. This is just one example of how innovation in the curriculum is important to prepare students with the core skills they truly need for real-world success.

What Are the New Trends in Educational Technology?

New trends in educational technology include innovations in remote and video-enabled learning, learning analytics, gamification, and even automated recordkeeping. Let’s explore each more in-depth.

  • Remote and Video-Enabled Learning: Remote learning took center stage for every school system in 2020 and 2021, and the pressure to adapt to social circumstances led to a lot of innovation. Today, e-learning is allowing educators to deliver personalized learning to students. Video-enabled learning allows each student to watch the lessons that are right for them at their stage of understanding and can be automatically curated from student performance data.
  • Learning Analytics: Learning analytics is a back-end functionality for teachers to see which learners excel and which may need more personal support. These insights can also help educators understand what forms of learning are best for which students to increase their levels of persistence and motivation for learning new content.
  • Gamification: Gamification is another innovation that has robust research backing. Game science has developed considerably over the last 10 years, capitalizing on advancements in human cognition, creative problem-solving, and other ways to motivate students while they learn. Other gamification systems have more long-term focus like rewarding attendance or good behavior.
  • Educational Recordkeeping: Keeping track of a student’s completed assignments, attendance, and other performance indicators can be automated to free up teacher time. This technology’s goal is to continue enabling teacher-friendly,  automated,  non-subjective proficiency metrics to show what students know about the content they are learning.

These innovations represent how EdTech can benefit both students and educators!

XR Technology Delivers New Teaching Strategies in the New Normal

Technology is redefining education at a critical moment for this service sector. 55% of educators are leaving or considering leaving the teaching profession after the challenges of the last few years. According to the National Education Association, this number increased by 20% between August 2021 and February 2022. This means the full impact of The Great Resignation on education may not even have fully manifested yet.

Qualified and passionate math teachers were already in short supply before the pandemic. At XR Technologies, we believe school systems should not have to replace teachers each year or settle for mediocre candidates to fill a gap in the classroom. Our XR Mathematics program is a blended learning curriculum that allows schools to coordinate ed-tech, recruit, train and license teachers while also providing a best-practice approach to personalized learning. When you choose our curriculum, we provide the people, curriculum, and technology to remove barriers and improve outcomes.

  • Daily, Actionable Data: Get insight into student progress, classroom needs, and curriculum gaps through our proprietary dashboard.
  • Adaptive Curriculum: Our classrooms are supported by industry-leading researchers, and our courses are constantly being evaluated for improvement and opportunities to innovate.
  • Blended Learning Experience: Students use computers to access the coursework and even teach each other remotely or in the classroom. Our trained and licensed facilitators enable the progress.
  • Transition to Teaching Licensure: New talent can be recruited from existing teachers, instructional assistants, or families that are trained to be expert blended learning mathematics specialists while they work in the classroom.

You don’t have to solve all the problems of delivering education in the new normal alone. Contact us today to learn more about outsourcing all or a portion of your school’s math department.

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