What Are Good Secondary Careers for Teachers?

Teachers who are looking to enter a second career have many doors open to them. While some go back to school to pursue a completely new career path, others remain in the education field. This way, they can continue to assist and support other educators, administrators, and their community. 

There are many opportunities for educators to apply their teaching and leadership skills in jobs outside of the classroom. But it's still customary to research questions like "What jobs you can get with an elementary education degree besides teaching," "What second career options are available for math teachers?" or "Ways for teachers to make extra money in the summer."

If you're interested in what secondary careers are, keep on reading. Let's dive into this topic and explore what options are out there.

Why do teachers enter into second careers?  

There are many reasons why teachers choose to enter into a second career, including:

• Joining a high leadership role to provide educational insight and support

• Entering secondary academic functions, such as school administration, teacher training, or counseling

• Entering a position at the district level to help bring tools and resources to the classroom 

No matter the reason for pursuing a second career, there are plenty of options available.

What are good second careers for teachers?

Are you thinking about advancing into a second career outside of the classroom? Consider these great career changes for teachers; maybe one of them could be right for you! 

Teacher Trainer
Teacher trainers help develop and improve the teaching and instruction skills of teachers and educators. Teacher trainers can work in various settings and at many levels, such as public school districts, universities, and sometimes even in organizations that require interaction with the public. 

Academic Coordinator
Academic coordinators plan and deliver curricula that will help students meet target benchmarks. Academic coordinators play a critical role in directing departmental and district goals, influencing student learning outcomes. These are professionals who enjoy developing positive and engaging work environments. They are also often innovative and responsive to meeting the needs of students and school staff. 

Curriculum Specialist
Curriculum specialists work with schools to develop new curriculum and/or improve existing curriculum. These experts commonly research to make recommendations to school administrators. Curriculum specialists also work closely with teachers and administrators to assess the quality of instructional materials and curriculum. Sometimes these specialists even train teachers in the new curriculum to be up to the standards and ensure the delivery of instructions is effective for students.

Director of Education
A director of education is responsible for directing, coordinating, and guiding curricula and instructional processes within schools, museums, nonprofits, and businesses. Generally, they oversee the operation of educational programs and the development and delivery of program materials. 

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