How to Become a Master Teacher or Full-Time Gig Teacher

The definition of a teacher has evolved over the years. XR Technologies views teachers more as coaches, as they are often mentors to their students and someone who wants to provide them the best opportunities from a quality education. Teachers are educational technicians, people deploying a process and service to hopefully better the futures of all those they educate.

How to Become a Full-Time Teacher

Whether you are a student teacher, substitute, or adjunct teacher, there are ways to build yourself up to becoming a full-time master teacher. One major way this can be achieved is by staying tuned in to your school’s problems and future plans. The school will likely have major projects in the near future and will need reliable and talented teachers to help fill new roles. Another way a teacher can get closer to full-time status is by forming respectful and meaningful relationships with both students and staff. Being dedicated to the students’ success will always set a teacher up for success.

Solving the Teacher Shortage: How to Attract and Retain Excellent Educators

Qualified educators have become more valuable than ever. Not only is the focus on getting these individuals to a specific school but also hiring and retaining teachers. Two issues that plague current educators and soon-to-be educators are the pay and perceived respect that educators feel they have. While it is true that many educators get into the role for altruistic reasons, better pay would mean more people looking into education as a career path.

So how can these issues be resolved? The report from the Center on Great Teachers & Leaders found that there were common actions that would lead teachers to remain in the workforce.

• Improved working conditions from more administrative support to implementing more teacher input into decision making

• Increased support for new teachers

• Improved salary and benefits packages

We have mentioned a lack of educators and how the quality ones out there are spread extremely thin. Another major factor that needs to be addressed relating to the attraction and retention of educators is teacher burnout.

Educators are often judged by the success of their students, and this puts enormous pressure on them to succeed. This level of stress coupled with the busy schedule teachers normally have will oftentimes not give them the ability to rest and recover properly. Signs of burnout could include but are not limited to fatigue/sleep issues, repeated forgetfulness, depression, loss of interest, and anxiety. 

Luckily, there are ways to combat burnout. Decision-makers can help this situation by opening communication with educators to discuss topics like work-life balance and taking adequate time off to reset. This is something that educators and their support systems need to work on together to solve.

Best Practices in Teaching Mathematics in the New Normal

Pivoting slightly, we want to take aim at the area we excel in—mathematics—and how it has changed in this new environment formed out of the pandemic. Educators are being spread thinner as they are increasingly taking on more tasks that exceed the basic requirements of their role. 

Mathematics educators can take a proactive approach to ensure that their classrooms are still productive in this new normal. Planning more than seems necessary can save time and effort down the road. 

• Introduce activities that promote problem solving and reasoning

• Support the difficulties in learning topics in mathematics

• Set productive goals that focus on learning over a grade

• Take note of how different students learn and implement mathematical thinking strategies

The National Council of Mathematics Teachers found that it is also essential to get all students to engage in meaningful mathematical-related discourse both inside and outside the classroom. If you choose to partner with XR Technologies, we go above and beyond to assist in the classroom by designing the curriculum for you. 


XR Technologies: The Future of the Classroom

At XR Technologies, we bring in teams of teachers, meaning that every classroom has multiple coaches working with the students. Therefore, the role of Virtual Assistant, Manager, and XR Coach (teacher) is part of a team rather than a single operational point. With our system of mathematics as a service, we are able to eliminate a considerable amount of hurdles that hinder schools' math instruction delivery. If you want to see how we can impact your classroom, contact us today.

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